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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"Taxi Driver" is a 1954 Hindi movie produced by...
"Taxi Driver" is a 1954 Hindi movie produced by Navketan films. The film is directed by Chetan Anand and stars his brother Dev Anand, Dev's wife to be Kalpana Kartik and Johnny Walker. The films music is by S. D. Burman and lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi.
Dev Anand (brother of Hindi director Chetan Anand, who helmed this film) is a taxi driver in Mumbai, India. He meets a singer (Sheila Ramani) who has come to Mumbai in search of her guru, and their friendship soon leads to romance.
Awards; * Filmfare Best Music Director Award for Sachin Dev Burman- for the Talat Mehmood version of the song- "Jayen to jayen kahan"- This song was also the first song to top the then popular Binaca Geetmala....

Talat Mahmood (February 24, 1924 -- May 9, 1998) was a popular Indian playback singer and film actor. A recipient of Padma Bhushan he is famous for his ghazals, resulting in a title of "king of ghazals" bestowed upon him by fans and critics.
Talat saab as he is now referred to, has often been described as a singer with a silky voice. His voice never suited loud songs, songs that demanded a high-pitched voice. Shouting or screaming didn't suit him and so he avoided those kinds of songs too. He only sang soft, romantic, lyrical, ghazals.Talat saab went for his vocal training under PT.S C R.BHATT in Bhatkhande music college lucknow....
People who remember Talat describe his nature as a quiet one. He is often written and described as a decent man, as his voice reflected that decency and sense of calm. Music directors who worked with him claim that when one would listen to him, you would get the feeling that he's a soft-hearted man. As Naushad aptly reflects about Talat; "Because one's character reflects one's art too"....
Interesting facts;
* For Talat's film 'DIL E NADAAN', famous producer A.R. Kardar launched an 'All India Beauty Contest' to hunt for a new heroine to act opposite this immensely popular and much sought after Singing Star. The winner was beautiful Peace Kanwal. * In 1956, Talat became the first ever Indian playback singer to go abroad for commercial concerts. * On Talat's US Concert Tour, Talat's popularity prompted famous New York television host Joe Franklin to invite Talat on his hugely popular programme "The Joe Franklin Show" watched by over 25 million Americans. He introduced Talat to American audiences as "The Frank Sinatra Of India !" * 1954, the year Binaca Geet Mala switched to a countdown system; the topper was Talat Mahmood's "Jayen to jayen kahan". * Producer-Director-Studio Owner Mehboob Khan of 'Mother India' fame, would always put his finger on Talat's throat and tell him "Khuda ka noor tumhare gale mein hai!" * Talat's first recording: "Sab din ek samaan nahin hote" - for HMV in 1941. * Talat's first film recording: "Jago musafir jago" for film RAJLAXMI in 1945. * Talat's last recording: Ghazal album titled "GHAZAL KE SAAZ UTHAO" for HMV in 1986. * Has sung in 17 Indian languages to include - Urdu/ Hindi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Telugu, Gujrati, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Sindhi, Awadhi, Marwari, Assamese. * In 1979, Talat performed at the world renowned Royal Albert Hall. Talat was the second Indian playback singer after Lata Mangeshkar to be invited to perform at this historical venue....

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